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Houston License To Carry Class

Houston License To Carry Class

Houston Texas, you can now take the Texas License to carry class (formally know as the Texas CHL) ONLINE for only $39. No other LTC class in Houston can compare. Our online Texas LTC class is the official class approved by the Texas Department of Public safety. We are certified Texas LTC instructors and people in Houston and all across Texas can take our online class.

No more spending all day sitting in a Houston license to carry class, you can take it from the comfort of your own home and at your own pace. Thousands of Houston residents have taken our online Texas LTC class. We make getting your LTC easy.

Texas has made it super easy to get a Texas license to carry. Our online class is super easy and everyone should pass easily. The online Texas LTC class can be taken on all devices including your smart phone. Our class is $39 and is 4 hours long (the min time required by Texas law).

So if you are searching for a Houston license to carry class, take our online Texas LTC class and say goodbye to sitting in a crowded classroom. As soon as you complete our online class you will immediately be able to download your official State certificate of training needed to apply for your Texas license to carry.

ONLY $39

Texas License To Carry

The online Texas license to carry class is available 24/7 and can be taken at your own pace. It is so easy we have a pass guarantee. You can get certified for your license to carry at your own pace from the comfort of your home. Getting your Texas license to carry allows you to carry in more places without all of the restrictions and penalties.

Texas LTC State License Fee

After completing the Texas LTC class you will simply apply online for your license. When you apply online you will pay a State license fee for a 5 year license. This fee is paid to the State and is separate from your class fee. State fees vary and are listed below.

  • Standard $40
  • Active Duty Military $0
  • Veteran $25
  • State Correctional Officer $0
  • County Jailer $0

The above fees are separate from your class fee and are payed directly to the State for a 5 year LTC. Every 5 years you simply renew online, no class needed after your initial class.