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Handguns For Women

Handguns For Women

Normally, small handguns for women are not the best choice when learning to shoot. Yesterday I had the privilege of taking a close friend out to the range. I was excited to share a passion of mine with her. We spent some time talking about the safety rules, grip, stance, and breath control.
I took her through the steps of loading the magazine, making the gun ready and firing one round. The training was slow paced to make sure to answer all of her questions.

Texas LTC Qualifications

After she was familiar with handling the firearm, we went through the Texas LTC shooting qualifications. The more she went through the sequence of fire and hitting the target zone, she became more comfortable and equipped to handle the firearm.

Your Body Absorbs the Recoil

After the training, on the ride home from the range, I had time to reflect on the experience. I realized that my friend had the same impression as many women do about smaller guns: the smaller the handgun, the easier it is to manipulate and shoot. This is not true.

A small handgun is often harder for a new shooter to operate due to the following reasons:

  • Smaller grip – harder to get a proper grip when firing.
  • Shorter slide – Harder to grasp and rack the slide.
  • Shorter magazine – Most are harder to load.
  • More recoil – A small frame handgun can’t absorb much recoil meaning your hands and arms will have to.

When women go out to the range for the first or even second time and are given a small frame handgun, she can become discouraged because they can’t operate it with ease or because they cannot hit the targeted area.

What an opportunity I had to help dispel some of those myths about handguns for women with her. Wrapping up, because we were not on a time limit, I had the opportunity to let her test fire 4 different size guns. We loaded one round into each firearm, graduating up to 5 cartridges. I wanted to make sure that she could make her own decision about recoil and handling of different sized handguns from her own experience.

Get Out and Train

Lastly, we spent time talking about the different size firearms, external safeties and weight of fully loaded larger guns. Small frame handguns (pocket pistols) have a purpose for concealed carry. No doubt they are easier to conceal and lighter weight. The conclusion of the training no matter what size the handgun you choose to conceal carry, take it out and fire it. Get used to the feel of it and practice, practice, practice and carry on.

For more information about handguns for women and our Texas License to Carry Class, please contact us here.

Stay Safe