Texas License To Carry Class

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Online Texas LTC Class

Don’t wait any longer! The Texas license to carry class can be taken online at your own pace. The Texas LTC gives you protections that you won’t have carrying without a license. Get your LTC and not have to worry about restrictions.

Our Online Texas LTC Class

Our online Texas license to carry class is so easy that we offer a pass guarantee so don’t worry about not passing. You have nothing to lose! Even works on your smartphone. Approved statewide by DPS.


  • Trespass Protection
  • Campus Carry
  • School Zone Carry
  • Carry In 37 States
  • Peace of Mind When Carrying
  • Police Instantly Know You Are Legally Carrying
  • Bypass Background Check When Buying Guns
  • Protection If Carrying Past No Gun Signs
  • Learn The Carry Laws
  • Legal Protection The LTC Provides

Only $49

Texas DPS Certified Instructors

We are Texas State certified online LTC instructors.