How To Get A Home Based FFL

Most people don’t know you can still get a FFL “Federal Firearms License” from your home and it’s pretty easy to do. We started with a home based FFL and made good money doing transfers and selling at gun shows.

A type 01 FFL is only $200 for a 3 year FFL. Type 01 is what most gun shops have and probably all you will need, it will allow you to buy and sell guns and ammunition, operate as a gunsmith or gun refinisher. Another benefit of having a FFL is buying your personal guns at wholesale prices, one purchase could save you the cost of the FFL.

You can’t just get a FFL to buy personal firearms or just to sell at gun shows though, you have to engage in a firearms business such as doing firearms transfers for people or selling firearms ( but who wouldn’t),  you want to make extra money right?.  We started out doing firearms transfers and selling at gun shows and we did very well.

If your home is in a “residential zone”, you will need to tell you’re Cities zoning department that you are getting a FFL to start a online business and gun shows. Below we will provide links to the ATF website and links to the instructions on filling out the application, there is not much to it. If you have any questions during the process, just leave us a comment below and we will respond and help you in getting your FFL.


FFL Application Process

The FFL Application only consist of three forms. Form 7, compliance certificate and fingerprint card. We will post below how to get them but lets cover a few things about the application first to help  you out. On the application form 7, you will need to list “business hours’, you don’t actually need to always be home during these hours but you must list them.

The ATF field officers rarely check on home based FFL’s once the license is issued but if they do, they will call and set up a appointment.

One copy of your FFL application you will need to mail to your local LEO ” Sheriff or Police Chief “, you don’t need their permission, you just have to mail them a copy, it says on the bottom of the application which one to mail him. Below we will posts the link to order the application packet that will include ALL forms and fingerprint cards.

After you send in your application, they will process it and schedule a face to face meeting with a ATF field agent. At this meeting he will cover any thing that needs corrected on your application and cover how to complete the paperwork to run background checks and how to properly keep records in your log book. Every gun you get in gets logged in and when you sell it, it gets logged out. You can get your log book HERE,


Federal Firearm License Application Packet

Order your application packet here APPLICATION PACKET. Check “forms and applications” then chose F75310.12 federal firearms application packet. It has everything you will need including the fingerprint cards. It’s easier than ordering each form separate. Give it 5 days or so and you will receive it in the mail. Take your fingerprint card to your local law enforcement office to get your prints done.

Before filling out your application, we recommend you come up with a business name and go to your County Clerks office and file a DBA in your business name, it only cost around $20. You can just get your FFL in your name if you chose.

Once you decide what name you are getting your FFL in, you will need a “sales tax certificate” so you can collect sales tax on products you sell (if your State has a sales tax). You get this from your States “Secretary of State” office, just do a google search. You will need a “EIN” number too for your federal tax filings, you can get it online on the IRS website.



Once you get your FFL you will need to sign up with wholesalers. Start off with LIPSEY’S, they are home based FFL friendly and they have everything you will need, we use them 99% of the time when we order. Just go to their website and click on the link on top that says “become a dealer”.

Have a question? Feel free to comment below.