Firearms Instructor Certification Courses

Firearms Instructor Certification Courses

Point Blank CHL is the firearms instructor certification training center of Texas. We hold more firearms instructor certification courses than anyone in Texas. People travel from all across Texas to take our firearms instructor certification courses.

People travel from all over to take our firearms instructor courses because we provide them with our business blueprint. You will also learn our secrets on how to keep their classes full.

We are SEO and marketing experts and we provide all of our knowledge to you regardless of what instructor course you take with us. We also teach you our secrets on how to create “passive income”. See all of our firearms instructor certification courses below.

NRA Basic Pistol Instructor

This is the certification that is needed in Texas to become a Texas license to carry instructor. It’s also needed in most other states to teach license to carry, CCW course in that state. This is our most popular instructor course because it’s the main instructor certification and it’s required by Texas law to become a Texas LTC instructor. It’s also required to take a lot of the other NRA instructor certification courses. This certification will be your main revenue stream.

Chief Range Safety Officer Instructor

This is our second most popular instructor certification course because this certification allows you to teach the NRA range safety officer course to your students. With this chief range safety officer certification you will be able to certify people as NRA range safety officers. This certification will create a good revenue stream for you. It is super popular.

Personal Protection In The Home Instructor

This instructor certification will allow you to teach the NRA personal protection in the home course to your students. This will be a popular course with your students. Not only will it teach the how to protect their home, it also includes a good amount of defensive pistol shooting at the range. This a great course to offer to your students.