USCCA Home Defense Course

The USCCA Home Defense Course is a comprehensive USCCA Certified course that focuses on the use of a firearm as a tool for self defense in the home. It also covers steps to take to keep your home safe and how to set up a plan in case of a emergency.

We also cover the various types of firearms that are popular for home defense and what we think is the best. This course includes much more than just firearms though, it covers every aspect involved in home safety and safety outside the home. This is a entry level course available to all skill levels. The course is about 6 hours and the fee is $125.

The course fee includes a copy of the USCCA Concealed Carry and Home Defense Book, (a $30 value). This 245-page book is packed with great information and high quality illustrations.  It will reinforce and remind you what you learned in this course, plus provide much more information to educate you and better prepare you for home defense and concealed carry outside the home.

Lessons include: 

Developing a Personal and Home Protection Plan:

  • Developing a personal and home protection plan
  • Home security
  • Fundamentals of home defense with handguns, shotguns and rifles
  • Defensive shooting fundamentals
  • Why conflict avoidance is so important
  • The legal use of force
  • Violent encounters and their aftermath

Self Defense Firearms Basics: 
Safety, Understanding Semi-Automatics, Understanding Revolvers, Understanding Modern Striker-Fired Handguns, Home Defense Shotgun Fundamentals, Defining Gauge, Shot Size, Shotgun Chokes, The AR-15, Gun and Ammo Malfunctions and how to deal with them, Selecting a Handgun, Ammo.

Defensive Shooting Fundamentals
Defensive shooting versus Marksmanship, Grip, Shooting Platform, Aligning the Muzzle to Target, Point Shooting, Unsighted/Sighted Fire, Flash Sight Picture, Trigger Control.

The Legal Use of Force: 
Defending The Home, Defending Property.

Violent Encounters and Their Aftermath:
When Left with No Other Choice, When Right to Use Deadly Force Ends, Immediate Aftermath, Phone Calls to Make, When Police Arrive, Statements to Police, During and After your Arrest.

Gear and Gadgets: 
Flashlights, Weapon Mounted Lights, Lasers, Firearms Storage.

Basic and Advanced Skills:
You will learn basic and semi advanced handgun skills at the range including drills that will require mag changes.

What To Bring To Class:

  • Semi auto handgun (any caliber)
  • Two mags
  • 150 rounds of ammo
  • Eye and ear protection
  • We have loaner guns available if needed. Just bring 9mm ammo if using our gun.

Upcoming Classes

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