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Emergency Survival Food


We recently discovered an emergency survival food company that we have never heard of, Nutrient Survival. We compared it to the companies we use for our current supply and we were shocked. Nutrient Survival foods contain way more nutrients than the companies we currently buy from.

After comparing Nutrient Survival food with other companies we learned that no other company puts the nutrition info on their website other than the basic nutrition info. The reason they don’t is because none of them contain all of the nutrients that Nutrient Survival food does. We have now switched to only buying our emergency food supply from Nutrient Survival. It’s also made in America and has a 25 year shelf life.

Why Buy Emergancy Survival Food?

It is recommended that everyone has food stored away for emergencies. There are realities here in the United States. The land of freedom is plagued by natural disasters, energy crisis, domestic unrest, international tension, government mandates, supply chain disruptions and lots of other things that have left store shelves empty time and time again. With Nutrient Survival foods 25 year shelf life you will always be prepared for anything. You can start stocking up a little at a time.

Nutrient Survival

Nutrient survival emergency survival food has more nutrients than any other emergency food on the market. It also has a 25 year shelf life. We only recommend products that we use and trust to take care of our own families. Check out the comparison chart below.

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