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Does Texas Have Constitutional Carry?

Does Texas Have Constitutional Carry

Yes. Texas has a form of constitutional carry. It is called “permitless carry” because it does not give a person all the rights to carry as constitutional carry would have. Texas put a lot of penalties and restrictions on constitutional carry that people with a license don’t have.

So while Texas does have a form of constitutional carry it has a lot of limits, unlike other permitless carry states. It seems Texas never really wanted to pass it at all, that’s why they attached so many restrictions to it. They also raised the penalties for carrying without a LTC.

Constitutional Carry Places

When it comes to carrying without a license, a person is limited on what places they can carry at. People are also restricted on locations they can even have it in their vehicle without a LTC. If you are going to carry without a license, you need to take a class and learn the law.

Prohibited Carry Signs

Without a license to carry you will have to obey any and all forms of “no carry”, “no gun” signs. All of them. With a license you only have to obey 2 specific signs and can ignore the rest because you have trespass protection with a LTC. Make sure you obey all signs when carrying without a permit.

Constitutional Carry Course

Want to know all the laws that apply to carrying without a license? Our online course covers everything you need to know to carry with confidance and peace of mind. Learn the laws today and start carrying today.

License To Carry

Want to carry without all of the extra restrictions? Our online LTC course is approved statewide by the Texas Department of Public Safety. Take the course online at your own pace to qualify for your Texas LTC. Fast and easy from the comfort of your home.