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Do I need a license to concealed carry in Texas?

Concealed Carry in Texas

No, you do not need a license to concealed carry in Texas. Texas permitless carry law allows a person to carry concealed or open in Texas without a license as long as they meet the legal requirements. Carrying without a license comes with a lot of restrictions that license holders don’t have so make sure you know the law.

Just because you can legally purchase a handgun does not mean you can carry it without a license. Texas has its own requirements and restrictions on who can carry without a license. Make sure you check the law before you decide to carry without a Texas license.

Concealed Carry In Texas

Texas carry law allows a licensed or unlicensed person to carry a handgun open or concealed. The handgun must be in a holster regardless of how you carry it. Those that carry without a license must follow a separate list of restrictions under Texas law that license holders do not have to follow. When Texas passed unlicensed carry it came with its own list of restrictions and penalties.

Having a license to carry allows you to carry in more places without all of the restrictions and penalties. While you can carry without a license in Texas you are limited and are better off with the license. The license also provides a lot of legal protections including trespass protection.

Carrying With A license

While you don’t need a license to carry in Texas you will want one. Texas permitless carry law puts a lot of restrictions on those who carry without a license (LTC). Carrying with a Texas license to carry gets rid of all the restrictions, allows you to carry in more places and provides you with protections when carrying.

Some of the benefits of carrying with a license (LTC) include carrying in more places, carrying in other states, school zone carry, able to carry past “no gun” signs, trespass protection, bypassing the background check when buying a firearm, no 51% sign protection, campus carry and on and on.

Anyone who wants to carry concealed or open in Texas should get the license to carry. It provides you with so many benefits and protections. You are under a lot of restrictions without it. The great part is that you can get certified for your license to carry online from the comfort of your home and it’s easy and affordable.