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Concealed Carry Insurance

Concealed Carry Insurance

Concealed carry insurance is something most people don’t think about. Being in the industry as long as we have we know how important having this coverage is. Over the years we have been approached by almost every company out there offering some sort of coverage.

The best concealed carry insurance is one that covers your attorney fees 100% with no cap or limits, it’s also important that their emergency hotline is answered by an actual attorney. Right To Bear does both and they are also the most affordable plan available. When you call the 24/7 hotline you will have an attorney on the phone before the police even arrive on the scene. This is important.

Carry Insurance Cost

Using our special rate link below, coverage is only $13 a month. Safe even more using discount code: PointBlank (all one word) on the final checkout page. As a member you will never pay one cent for any attorney fees. You will be covered by some of the best attorney’s available. This is a small price to pay for the peace of mind that comes with knowing you have an attorney just a phone call away.

Most other companies cost more and have a cap on coverage. Several of the other so called “top companies” have a yearly cost of over $400 for their max plan and they have a cap! Some say you are covered for a few million BUT if you read the fine print only 100k of that is available for your self defense attorney, that is not enough to cover a trial. Right To Bear is the only one we know about that has no cap on attorney fees, zero and is only $13 a month.

Weapons Covered

It’s not just firearms that are covered, you are covered for using any legal weapon to defend yourself or others. Handguns, rifles, knives, pepper spray, tasers and even frying pans. All legal weapons are covered. You are covered even if you are forced to pull out a weapon but don’t use it. You would be surprised how many “law abiding” citizens are arrested daily, even when they acted within the law.

Concealed Carry Insurance

If you carry or even keep a firearm at home for self defense, you need an attorney on call 24/7. All of our instructors and family members are covered by Right To Bear. If you are ever involved in a self defense incident you will wish you were a member. You protect your family and let Right To Bear protect you. Join today.

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