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Concealed Carry Class In Houston

Concealed Carry Class In Houston

The best concealed carry class in Houston is online. Although people still refer to it as a concealed handgun license (CHL), it is actually called a license to carry or (LTC). Regardless of what it’s referred to as, it is the license that allows you to carry open or concealed in Texas without all of the restrictions and penalties.

Those still looking to attend a concealed carry class in Houston are doing so because they want to carry in more places with fewer restrictions. The license also gives you legal protection you won’t have without it. Getting the license to carry is the only way to carry with peace of mind and without all the penalties.

Houston Concealed Carry Class

The online course is super easy and can be taken at your own pace. No need to spend all day sitting in a crowded classroom full of strangers. The course is approved statewide by the Texas Department of Public Safety. This DPS approved course is the course required to get your Texas License to carry.

It works on your laptop, desktop, tablet and even your smartphone. It is a self paced class so your progress is saved automatically. You can take the course anywhere at anytime, even while sitting on your sofa at home or blue toothed to your car while out on a drive. It is the easiest and most convenient way to get certified for your Texas LTC.

Benefits Of A License

  • Carry in more places
  • trespass protection
  • Legal protection
  • Ignore “no gun” signs
  • Campus carry
  • School zone carry
  • Protection in “off limit” places
  • Ignore 30.05 signs
  • Collage sporting events
  • Intoxication not illegal
  • Much, much more