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Cheapest Online Texas LTC Class

Cheapest online Texas LTC class

The cheapest online Texas LTC class is $45, it is also the best online course available in Texas. We have the easiest and most affordable online Texas LTC class in Texas. Our online class is approved statewide by the Texas Department of Public Safety. We also guarantee you will pass our online class.

We created the online Texas LTC class to be simple and easy to understand while still being affordable. Our course works on all devices including your smartphone, tablet, desktop computer and laptop. It is a self paced course and it’s available 24/7 from the comfort of your home.

Best Online Texas LTC Class

Our online Texas LTC class is the best because it’s like no other. Unlike all of the other online LTC classes, you do not have to read and understand anything on your own in our course. We verbally break down and explain everything to you so it is easy to understand and learn. All you have to do it sit press play and sit back, we do the rest.

While our course does have a visual aspect to it, you can also take it with audio only like bluetooth it to your car or out on a walk with headphones on. We actually teach it just like we do in a classroom, it’s 100% video based so you don’t have to click through slides of text like the others. Not only are we the cheapest online Texas LTC class, we are also the number one Texas online LTC class.

Why Get A Texas LTC

The Texas LTC provides a lot of benefits, it allows a person to carry in more places without all of the restrictions. It also provides legal protections while carrying and allows you to carry while traveling in other states. Anyone who is serious about carrying a handgun for self defense should get a Texas license to carry (LTC).