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Carry Insurance

Carry Insurance

Carry insurance is needed for everyone who carries or keeps a firearm at home for self defense. There are a lot of choices when it comes to carry insurance but only one stands above the rest. That is Right To Bear. They provide the best coverage available and their attorneys are pro gun trial attorneys.

If you are ever forced to defend yourself you want experienced pro gun trial lawyers representing you. Right To Bear program attorneys are some of the best in the business and they deal with these kinds of cases daily. They are not working a DWI case one day and a self defense case the next. They are gun attorneys and that’s what they do full time.

Carry Insurance Coverage

With Right To Bear your attorneys fees are covered 100%. This includes both criminal and civil cases. You never have to worry about reaching a maximum cap of coverage that other providers have. Your attorneys are covered 100% with no limit and no cap.

A self defense trial could cost several million dollars, something you will not have to worry about as a member of Right To Bear. The peace and mind of knowing that you are protected if you ever have to defend yourself is priceless but you get it for only $10 a month.

Weapons Covered

All legal weapons are covered, not just firearms. You are covered if you use your handgun, shotgun, AR15, knife, bat, pole frying pan or any other weapon of opportunity. You are even covered if you pull your firearm on someone and don’t have to fire it. Believe it or not people get arrested for that too. It’s called deadly conduct. This is the best carry insurance out there.

Covered In All 50 States

If you travel a lot out of your home state you can add “multi state” coverage and you will be covered in all 50 states. This is something you can also add later or at anytime. We add it up front so we don’t ever forget about it. If you don’t travel out of your state much you may not need it but it’s only a couple of dollars a month extra.

Attorney Response 365

As a member you will receive a card that includes the number to the emergency attorney answered hotline. You will have your attorney on the phone before the police even get on the scene. You will not get a call center like other programs, when you call you will get an actual attorney. This is super important, your attorney will take over and tell you exactly what to do. You have an attorney on call 24/7 for only $13 a month when you use coupon code: Point Blank.


Becoming a member of Right To Bear is only $13 a month or $145 yearly, that’s it. You will not pay a penny more for your attorney, your attorney is covered 100%. The coverage is the same even if you just pay monthly and you can cancel at any time. You are never locked into anything. At this price you can’t afford not to be a member.