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Become A Texas License To Carry Instructor

Texas license to carry instructor

Are you wanting to become a Texas license to carry instructor? The DPS certification course to become a certified license to carry instructor is easy BUT it’s not open to just anyone. Texas State law requires that you already have another instructor certification before DPS can accept you into the LTC instructor certification course. They are specific about what’s accepted.

That’s where we come in. The easiest way to get the required instructor certification is to take our two day USCCA instructor certification course. That’s right, after our two day course you will be a nationally certified USCCA firearms instructor and qualify to become a Texas LTC instructor.

This USCCA certification is accepted by the Texas Department of Public safety as meeting the prerequisite requirement to become a Texas license to carry instructor. It’s all you will need to get into the DPS Texas license to carry instructor course.

After you take our USCCA certified instructor course we will assist you in signing up for the Texas DPS license to carry instructor course. Also, once you become a Texas LTC instructor you will always have us as a mentor. You can also team up with us with our online course.

Texas License To Carry Instructor Course

Once you take our USCCA instructor course you will be qualified to get into the Texas DPS LTC instructor course. This State course is super easy and is only two and a half days long. It’s held at the DPS training center in Florence, Texas. We will give you all the info about this course so you are prepared and know what to expect. (it’s easy)

USCCA Instructor Course

Besides meeting the prerequisite for the Texas LTC instructor course, your USCCA instructor certification also opens up the door for a lot of other things. Your USCCA instructor certification is everything you need to start your firearms instructor business or to take your current business to the next level.

The USCCA provides you with professional power points and class materials to teach multiple courses. You will also be able to buy other “instructor toolkits” from them to teach even more courses without having to take addition instructor certification courses.

With your USCCA instructor certification you will receive everything needed to teach:

  • Concealed/open carry classes
  • Home defense classes
  • Basic/advanced handgun classes