Become a Range Safety Officer (RSO)

Range Safety Officer

Are you ready to become a range safety officer (RSO)? You can become a nationally certified range safety officer by taking the USCCA’s online RSO course. The USCCA is a nationally recognized training organization.

Even if you are not an instructor you can still become a certified range safety officer, maybe you want to work at your local range. If you are an instructor you really should become a certified RSO too.

Become an Authority on Range Safety

Gain the skills, knowledge and training you need to help secure and advance the safety and responsibility of gun users during live-fire shooting activities. Enforce range rules while maintaining a professional demeanor in this crucial and dynamic position.

Online RSO Course

All of your program materials will be provided via the USCCA online platform to allow you quick and easy access to your certified RSO course either from the comfort of home or on the go. Say goodbye to course shortages, commutes, busy classrooms and time restraints.

Earn Extra Income as an RSO

Take your passion for firearms to the next level and take back control of your financial future too. Whether you plan to go full-time or you’re just looking to make money outside of your 9 to 5 job, this certification could help you create a business you love. As an RSO you’ll be able to generate a new income stream while working in an environment you already enjoy.