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Become a NRA Instructor

Become a NRA Instructor

Ready to become a NRA instructor? It is the requirement needed to teach concealed carry classes in most states. Here in Texas it is required as a prerequisite to become a Texas license to carry instructor. In Texas it’s called a license to carry or LTC but in other states it may be called a CCW, concealed carry permit or CCP.

Our NRA certified instructor course is the course needed to become a NRA instructor. People from all over Texas come to take our course so they can become Texas LTC instructors. People also travel from other states for our NRA instructor course so they can teach concealed carry license classes in their state. It is a nationally recognized certification.

It is the only certification specifically listed in Texas law as meeting the prerequisite requirement to become a certified Texas LTC instructor. In our course you will receive everything you need to apply with the state of Texas. One reason people come from all around for our course is because we provide you with our business blueprint that has made us so successful.

Instructor Class Dates Coming Soon