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Become a NRA Instructor

Become a NRA Instructor

Ready to become a NRA instructor? It is the requirement needed to teach concealed carry classes in most states. Here in Texas it is required as a prerequisite to become a Texas license to carry instructor.

In Texas it’s called a license to carry or LTC but in other states it may be called a CCW, concealed carry permit or CCP.

You can not become a Texas LTC instructor until you become a NRA certified instructor. It is the prerequisite required by state law. Our NRA instructor course is $350 total.

Our NRA certified instructor course is the course needed to become a NRA instructor. People from all over Texas come to take our course so they can become Texas LTC instructors. People also travel from other states for our NRA instructor course so they can teach concealed carry license classes in their state. It is a nationally recognized certification.

It is the only certification specifically listed in Texas law as meeting the prerequisite requirement to become a certified Texas LTC instructor. In our course you will receive everything you need to apply with the state of Texas. One reason people come from all around for our course is because we provide you with our business blueprint that has made us so successful.

Why Choose Us?

People travel from all across Texas to take our NRA instructor course for one main reason. We set you up on day one with the ability to offer the ONLINE Texas LTC class yourself. Only a few people in Texas meet the legal requirement to offer the online Texas LTC class and we are one of them. We have instructors that make thousands a week offering our online LTC course. You get paid instantly for every student that enrolls.

No other NRA instructor course in Texas can offer this to you. Our system is approved by the Texas Department of Public Safety. You don’t have to be certified by DPS to offer the online Texas LTC class through us, you can start offering it immediately.

NRA Prerequisites

Our three day NRA instructor course includes all the required prerequisites that are listed below (one stop shop). If you already have some of them, you will not have to attend those days and you will save a little on the course. See the included prerequisites below.

DAY ONE – NRA basic pistol student course. If you have already taken the NRA basic pistol student course you do not have to attend day one and you will save $50 on the class. (you must show us a copy of your certificate from the student course, if you don’t have your certificate you must attend day one).

DAY TWO – Basic Instructor Training (BIT). If you have taken the (BIT) within the past 2 years you do not have to attend day two. No savings here as the BIT is free. (you must show us your BIT card, if you do not have your BIT card you must attend day two).

DAY THREE – Day three is the NRA instructor course, everyone must attend day three.

ATTENTION: If you have already taken the NRA basic pistol student course and the (BIT) but can’t find your student basic pistol certificate and (BIT) card, you must attend all 3 days to take them again.

Course Deposit

The total cost for the NRA instructor course is $350. You will pay a $50 non refundable deposit when you register and the remaining $300 you will pay when you come to the class. If you have to cancel and change your course date we will credit the $50 non refundable deposit to the next course date. Our instructor course fills fast and always has a waiting list so it is important that you register as soon as possible.

NRA Instructor Class Dates