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Why Become a NRA Instructor

USCCA instructor

Every firearms instructor needs to have a “Nationally recognized” certification, it’s the core of the firearms instructor business. A Nationally recognized certification makes everything else possible. A NRA instructor certification is all that’s needed to teach concealed carry classes in many States. In States that certify their own instructors, the NRA certification probably meets that States prerequisite requirement.  

The NRA is a nationwide training organization. We chose the NRA because they are accepted by every state that has a carry permit. We teach the certified instructor course. Students from all over Texas and many other States attend our course, especially in Texas. We are the instructor training hub in Texas for those wanting to become Texas LTC instructors.

NRA Instructor

Another BIG reason we chose the NRA is because you don’t have to jump through hoops to maintain your certification. You simply renew ONLINE every two years. This assures you will never lose your NRA certification and that’s important because you need it to teach concealed carry classes in Texas and every other state.

Another reason is you get access to the NRA instructor portal to post ALL of your classes for FREE. It also handles student registrations right from the NRA website. It will keep your classes full.

The NRA instructor certification is considered the gold standard in almost every state and it is required to teach license to carry class in most states. This certification is needed to operate a firearms training business and it’s EASY to get certified. We look forward to seeing you in class soon. We are worth the trip.