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Anti Gun Bills Filed In Texas

Texas Anti Gun Bills

This is the BIGGEST attack on gun rights in Texas that I have ever seen. The NRA said it is a “record breaking” attack on Texas gun rights. I have NEVER seen so many (27 so far) anti gun bills filed in Texas, never. The 2021 Texas legislative session is going to be a busy one.

In the past I would have said that no anti gun bill had a chance to pass in Texas but I am not so sure these days. There are a couple that may have a chance. I will post links to all the bills below but the ones that I consider to be the BIG ones are:

  • HB52/HB245 Banning private firearm sales at gun shows
  • HB118/HB606/SB163 Require FFL background checks for private gun sales
  • HB127/HB213 BANNING long gun (AR15) carry in public places
  • HB164/HB395/SB84/SB110 Red flag laws (gun confiscation without due process)
  • HB172HB241 BANNING the possession, sale or transfer of AR15’S
  • HB178/HB234 BANNING magazines over 10 rounds
  • HB185 Mandating all firearms be stored in locked cases

All Anti Gun Bills Filed In Texas

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