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Class Fees

Texas CHL $85.00
Basic Pistol $50.00
Defensive Pistol $75.00

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Private classes available for your church, business or group. Contact us for information on our private classes.

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Concealed Handgun Classes

Our Concealed Handgun Classes are taught by Chris & Heather Reitsma, a husband and wife team of instructors. Chris and Heather are certified by the state of Texas and the NRA as Firearm Instructors and Range Safety Officers. Point Blank CHL offices

Heather works with the ladies in our classes.

We have fun in our class. We have a comfortable classroom with a big screen power point presentation.

Come see why we are the best !! Our job is to take care of our students. All classes are not equal !! We teach you more than just the "basics" taught by others. We love new shooters !!!

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